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Freedom from Addictions

Tired of being stuck in addictions and bad habits? We all fall victim to various levels of addictions and bad habits, but some of us are so strongly attached to vices that we would risk our lives and our relationships to fulfil them, while others continue to be prevented from living out life to the fullest. No matter what level of a challenge you are facing, this powerful series will teach you the tools and the skills to free yourself from the grips of addictions.
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  • 5 In-Depth Modules
  • Science-based approach
  • Self-paced learning
  • Online Support Community 
  • Free Workbook

Powerful Tools

You will learn about the areas of your life that are contributing the most to addictive problems and examine the spiritual, psychological, emotional, and environmental impacts on addictions. This series will give you the powerful tools to free yourself from all the addictive vices like alcohol, drugs, pornography, cell phone addiction, gambling, and others.

Practical Support

Take this series for the practical skills, community support, and exclusive 121 mentorship that will accelerate your journey to freedom. Get rid of all the addictive shackles that are ruining your life and finally set yourself free!
Meet the instructors

Dr Mateen Tariq (M.D.)

Mateen Tariq is a medical graduate currently pursuing accreditation in alcohol and drug abuse counselling. He has spent several years at Wiselife Academy working with a team on holistic addiction treatment. He also has several years of experience mentoring youth and helping people with addictions as well as mental health. His primary interests are in teaching people how to free themselves from addictions to gain true freedom and to live their lives to their fullest potential. He is active in local community projects in New York, USA.
Dr Mateen Tariq - Co-Instructor
Meet the instructors

Usman Ahmed

An experienced life coach and instructor having undergone 15 years of practical self development under the guidance of those foremost in the fields of Islamic Spirituality. With 7 years of experience providing clients with spiritual, relationship-based, emotional and psychological based coaching. He has successfully coached and continues to coach students from across the world, namely USA, UK, Denmark and Morocco. He is also a qualified teacher and business owner. He lives in Oldham, UK with his wife and 2 beautiful children.
Usman Ahmed - Co-Instructor
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