Perfect your Marriage

7 Sessions based on the universal principles of Islam that enable you to improve the quality of your relationship with your spouse, physically, emotionally and spiritually
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Who is this course for?

  • Afraid of having a failed marriage
  • Confused on what to value when seeking a spouse
  • People who want to prepare for marriage 
  • On the brink of breakdown
  • Finding marriage difficult
  • Become more positive in all aspects of life
  • Break bad habits
  • Gain insight into yourself
  • Renewed sense of purpose


  • Action-focused learning
  • 7 Modules
  • 7+ Videos
  • Opportunity for mentoring
  • 400+ Students
  • Self-paced learning

Enrich your understanding

Single or married whatever your status, this workshop is designed to enrich your understanding about yourself and your marriage like never before.

Radically reform your marriage

You will learn to put the theory into practice, using systemised methods that focus on developing habitual change. 
Highlights from our New yoek workshop
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Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Shaykha Shanaz Begum

· Experienced and qualified teacher in adult education PTLLS/DTLLS
· 14 years under spiritual guide and practical self-development
· Education - 5 years at Boarding School for Islamic education in Lancaster - BA
· 2 years at Madrasah Al Zahra, London - graduated in Aalimiyyah MA
· 8 years - Mentor and advisor to sisters
· Community faith leader in Tameside

Founder and Headteacher of Al Ihsan Institute in Tameside - providing courses of Aalimiyyah programme and self-development in Tazkiyah and Tarbiyyah. Conducted in a professional manner with modern technology
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the instructor

Usman Ahmed

· An experienced life coach and instructor having undergone 13 years of practical self-development under the guidance of those foremost in the fields of spirituality, Islamic studies and practical self-development.
· With 6 years of experience providing clients with spiritual, relationship-based, emotional and psychological based coaching.
· Ustadh Usman has successfully coached and continues to coach students from across the world, namely USA, UK, Denmark and Morocco.
· He is also a qualified teacher and runs a number of self-owned agencies and businesses.

He currently lives in Oldham with his wife Sheikha Shanaz and tow beautiful children.
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"Successful are those who purify themselves"
Quran (91:15)

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